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I had a massive impact on mine and my daughter’s life


This course has been beneficial to myself and my daughter. We have enjoyed participating together and learning all the meditation exercises. The course was delivered in a professional way but also comfortable and friendly. This has already had a massive impact on mine and my daughter’s life. It has started to bring clarity to the present and I feel that I have a tool for life. I already feel that I am calmer and less stressed, and my journey has only just begun. I am excited to become an even better version of me!

I can’t really think of anything to improve about the course and I would highly recommend Mindful Me

Mindful Living Graduate

I have learnt coping strategies that I can use for a lifetime

Mindful Living Graduate

Hugely beneficial to both physical and mental well-being


I would recommend this mindfulness course to anyone who is experiencing any form of stress in their lives… It is hugely beneficial to both physical and mental well-being.
I am really enjoying my course and of course my tutor. I have now adopted a mindful lifestyle and it doesn’t have to mean taking hours out of my day to meditate… In fact it teaches one to practice mindfulness anywhere, at a bus stop, driving your car, queuing in a supermarket or simply doing boring household chores… I FEEL great now, and by taking time each day I can ground myself in the present moment.

…it has been hugely beneficial to me in my physical and mental wellbeing… The best thing I have ever done!!!

Eileen Forsythe
Mindful Living - Mindful Mates Graduate

I feel better equipped to deal with stressful situations


The course was excellent in all aspects. I particularly liked learning about mindfulness, what it is & what it isn’t and the impact it can have on the body in managing stress. The delivery of the course catered for different learning styles which is particularly useful and being able to share with others in the group in total confidence was a big plus. The mindfulness exercises that we did; 3 Step breathing; Guided body scan; Five senses mindfulness exercise and mindful walking are all simple and easy to do, even when time is limited! I feel better equipped to deal with stressful situations by using the breath techniques and being able to ’let go’ more easily. On a very personal note my blood pressure has been much higher than I would have liked, but more recently it has been much better, as I use breathing exercises to help deal with it. I would most definitely highly recommend the course!!

Mindful Living - Mindful Mates Graduate

Already had a positive effect on my wellbeing and my ability to deal with stress


The course is really well organised, and the reading material and exercises/home practice provided throughout are a useful support for taking the mindful practice forward in my own time.
The course has definitely given me the tools and strategies to integrate into my daily routine, which has already had a positive effect on my wellbeing and my ability to deal with stress.

The most useful part of the course for me was the mindful movement which I try to do a few times a week.
There’s nothing I would change about the course – it was delivered really clearly and effectively, and with a friendly teacher who only helped us to open up and share our experiences week on week, thank you! I think our debrief catch up at the end of our last session was a lovely way to chat about the course overall and share our findings/results which all showed the dramatic improvement even 6 weeks of mindfulness training had had on us all.

Mindful Living - Mindful Mates Graduate

The course gave me a good insight into myself


The course gave me a good insight into myself and the importance of learning how to be more present and enjoy the moment, and that can be achieved with meditation and techniques presented by Bernie, which was my favourite part in the course.
In this course I also learned that liking myself without judgement is OK and practising bits of acts of kindness in our daily routine can positively change our state of mind and everything around us.

The course as it is is perfect, I wouldn’t change a thing and I would highly recommend it!

Mindful Living Graduate

The course has very much improved my overall well-being


The programme was first class and I would highly recommend the course to everyone.

I loved slowing down and relaxing.

What I found most beneficial, was just simply taking time to take a breath.

The course has had a real impact on how I view things and I have completely changed the way I drive.

The course most definitely gave me an insight into myself and I feel it has given me some simple strategies to alleviate stress and alter the way I deal with potential stressful situations in the future.

The course has very much improved my overall well-being, I practice as often as I can and I feel so much more able to relax and manage my life.

Mindful Living Graduate

I now can focus and appreciate what’s going on ‘here and now’


I really enjoyed and benefited from the Mindful-Me course. In particular the three-step breathing exercise helps to calm my busy mind before I go to sleep and the body scan is great to get back in tune with myself.

Mindfulness has also enhanced my walk to work too. I now can focus and appreciate what’s going on ‘here and now’ rather than what’s to come. Whilst walking, which I do several times a week, I constantly now think mindfully and look for positive, feel good images or thoughts. I now find all that is good which enhances my free time.

Mindful Monday Graduate

It helped me to see the world differently


Before I came on the course I thought mindfulness was all about relaxation. I now realise that it is much more than that!

Bernie’s soothing tones made the sessions really easy to get into and I’ve learnt so much. It’s actually helped me to see the world differently and understand that my thoughts are not facts and that I can take control

The most important message I got from the course is to be more aware of Mindful Listening – I now realise that I was not very good at this, even though some people thought I was. This is helping me to transform relationships with colleagues and loved-ones.

Mindful Monday Graduate

I would most certainly recommend the course to everyone


The Mindful-Me course was very well delivered. It was really beneficial, being given the tools to put things into perspective and practice, to be self-compassionate and developing strategies to support me when dealing with stressful situations. The course gave me an insight into myself and taught me to live in the here and now, to forgive past hurts, to let go and move forward. It also taught me to take 30 minutes a day for myself to practice meditation, this is already improving my well-being. I would most certainly recommend the course to everyone…

Mindful Monday Graduate

A rare moment of quiet in my hectic life


I think the whole course ran smoothly and professionally. I really enjoyed the sheets we were given to take home. It was a good reminder of what we had learnt. I loved starting each session with the breathing exercises … a rare moment of quiet in my hectic life.

It has made me pause and think before I react and think more about the simple pleasures

I now feel better equipped to identify my own causes of stress and I am now more aware of how to handle potential stressful situations. I feel I now have strategies to support me in dealing with stress. Also the handouts were good so I have something to look back at to remind myself how I can help myself.

The course has given me the tools to improve my overall well-being. It is definitely something I think of more consciously as before everything was school, school, school, girls, girls, girls

I wouldn’t make any improvements to the course, I miss it, I really enjoyed it.

Mindful Monday Graduate

Easy to fit into daily activities


I enjoyed the course, it was well presented and the tutor made things very clear. The Mindful Pause and taking a deep breath, I found very helpful and could be done anywhere. Also the 3 step breathing space, easy to fit into daily activities.

Mindful Monday Graduate

From Organisations:


Bernie always gives a gold standard service


Bernie has a strong track record of delivering outstanding results. She is highly professional and establishes excellent working relationships.
She is solution focused and works closely with you to diagnose problems, supporting you to devise workable solutions.
Bernie always gives a gold standard service, because she wants you to be the best you can be.

John McDonnell
Director BioEden and Illuminating Investments

Bernie is a delight to deal with


I have known Bernie for the last 5 years in a professional capacity. I have rarely met someone with the drive and enthusiasm for changing young people’s lives. I witnessed her professionalism through my work with her as a member of the Senior Leadership Team within Tong High School. She has a clear strategic view but couples this with a hands on approach. On a personal level, Bernie is a delight to deal with and I look forward to working with her again.

Nigel Hinson
Head of Associate Resourcing | Deloitte LLP

I have always been impressed by her charismatic leadership


I would have no hesitation in recommending Bernie for her teaching & coaching.

I have always been impressed by her charismatic leadership and teaching style. In addition she always deals with matters swiftly and efficiently and takes keen interest in her clients.

Thanks to Bernie for her continued support and service to our Junior GEM Programme (in 2014-2015).

Nazmun Khan
HR | Incommunities

Extremely interesting and helpful


I found the session facilitated by Mindful Me extremely interesting and helpful. The session got me thinking how stressful everyday lives can be. To take some time out for your own wellbeing is crucial to keeping a healthy mind and body.
I will be taking onboard the useful practices taught by Bernie and will be trying to integrate them into my busy life.

Mindfulness Workshop Attendee
Reducing Workplace Stress and Improving Productivity

Thank You


I found the techniques and advice from the Mindful Me session very useful and I am trying to follow these during my working day – and occasionally at home too! Thank you for an informative and useful session.

Mindfulness Workshop Attendee
Reducing Workplace Stress and Improving Productivity

From Education:


She cares deeply for the success of her students


Bernie is a rare find, an exceptional teacher of psychology and an equally exceptional leader in the world of post 16 education. She is passionate about everything she does, she cares deeply for the success of her students and she brings much needed integrity to the management of provision and the professionalism of staff working with her. With her openness, clarity of thought and good humour, Bernie is a highly respected and much valued friend, colleague and coach. She has the empathy and understanding necessary, to fully support individuals and to help them achieve their potential. Having worked with her, for several years, I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who wishes to make a difference, to themselves or to the organisation they work within. She simply is the best.

Joan Leavy
Director for Sixth Forms | Tauheedul Education Trust (TET)

She built my confidence with unwavering positivity


Bernie has always inspired me to be the best I can be. Even when I doubted myself, she built my confidence with unwavering positivity which was a real motivational force for me to follow my dreams and apply for a place at Cambridge University to study my beloved Psychology.

Moments when I really struggled, Bernie would help me to approach the situations from different angles, enabling me to think outside the box to find a solution. She constantly promotes well-being and looks for ways for students to achieve and make good things happen.

In particular, she sees the potential in every individual and pushes, inspires and encourages them to achieve their potential.

Arcellia Sasu-Twum
Psychology Undergraduate at Cambridge University

With her support I grew in confidence and developed an inner strength


As my teacher Bernie, always pushed for me to achieve the best I possibly could. At a time when I lacked confidence and self-belief she always went the extra mile in terms of providing support and guidance. The dedication Bernie showed in wanting me to succeed really motivated me to take control of my life. With her support I grew in confidence and developed an inner strength, which was key to me gaining a competitive edge and securing a place at university.

Umar Zahoor
Chemistry Graduate and Student Support Worker

I achieved more than I could ever have imagined


In 2010 I made a life changing decision and decided to put my faith in Bernie and it well and truly paid off. She is both a fantastic teacher and role-model. She ensures that all her students reach their full potential in everything that they do. With her encouragement and most importantly her belief in me I achieved more than I could ever have imagined.

I was inspired by the way that Bernie could change a student’s life for the better. Due to her abilities as a teacher and a coach applying to university was easy, I wanted to be a teacher just like her. Now six years on, I am a fully qualified teacher and two years into my career. I would definitely recommend Bernie Leonard, I honestly believe that without her none of what I have achieved would have been possible.

Chloe Douglas
Primary School Teacher

Her methods of teaching are inspirational


Bernie is one of those rare teachers you remember for the rest of your life. Her methods of teaching are inspirational, allowing students of all abilities to engage with every lesson.  I will always admire her dedication to each and every student, and her ability to make them achieve more than they ever imagined they could.

She continually supported me both educationally and pastorally, and I wouldn’t have gone on to be the person I am without her help, advice and reassurance. She makes you reach for the stars and not stop until you get there…

Emily Gillan
LLB, Area Manager

I hope to adopt these traits in my own career


The very first encounter I remember having with Bernie was when I was doubting my A level choices and had become disheartened with how to continue with my education. She took her time to reassure me and work out what was best for me, both at that moment and for the future and with her support I was able to make one of the biggest decisions I had ever had to make by that age, it turns out to have been one of the best! It is rare to find someone as supportive and genuinely invested in the future of young people as Bernie is. She always knows the right things to say to encourage you, the best ways to approach a difficult situation and she knows just when you don’t need to say anything at all – just as important! She is always so organised and calm, every lesson is perfected as if it has been rehearsed and taught a thousand times. Bernie never shows signs of giving up or giving in and because of her I today have my own class of young people who I hope to support and encourage just half as much as she did for myself and many friends and family members who spent time being taught by her. I still miss the reassurance, calmness, organisation and confidence she brought to the last few years of my education but I hope to adopt these traits in my own career now.

Emily Brady
Primary School Teacher

Delegates really appreciated the opportunity to stop and pause to enable them to focus on the conference programme with renewed energy.

Feedback from the organisers of the WLiE event

Allowed attendees to shed away the noise of the outside world


Bernie delivered a practical example of mindfulness that allowed all of the attendees to shed away the noise of the outside world and focus on the here and now. I believe this would have allowed many to connect and focus deeper thereafter. It was a great reminder to be present and I will be investigating how I can consciously be more mindful in the work that I do.

Nikky Norton Shafau
Presenter, interviewer & attendee at the WLiE event

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