About Us

Mindful Me Health and Well-Being Ltd is a Yorkshire based company, we specialise in designing and delivering bespoke Mindfulness courses to meet the needs of all our clients.

We have the experience and the expertise; we have worked in partnership with businesses, education providers and individuals, having a strong track record of achieving positive outcomes.


What Makes Us Different

  • We guarantee small group delivery of no more than 10 participants for the six-week programme, to ensure we give all our clients the opportunity to maximise the benefits of the course.
  • With a wide range of benefits, our comprehensive Mindfulness for Life Tool Box, puts participants in control by permanently altering the way they handle potential stressful situations in the future – so they can fully enjoy all life has to offer.
  • We offer flexible packages, including a bespoke six-week programme, lunchtime bitesize sessions, full and half-day workshops and mindfulness CPD designed to meet the needs of you and your team. 
  • Our courses are all delivered online for added flexibility.
  • We offer a hassle free way of studying Mindfulness, as we can bring our services to you, our flexible delivery model aims to fit in with busy lifestyles or work schedules.
  • Mind Me offers value for money, because we know the only moment you can actually live is right now and we want you to start living it!

Our Managing Director


Bernie Leonard is managing director and founder of Mindful Me Health & Well-Being Ltd.


She is an outstanding practitioner, with qualifications in Psychology (BSc), Education (PGCEs Post and Pre-16) and Mindfulness (MCBTL, MYHE, IMCPP).



 After 20 successful years of teaching A Level Psychology, with a real passion for all the Clinical components of the course, she made a life choice to leave the profession and follow her dream to improve mental health and well-being in the UK.

Bernie has a Foundation Degree in Integrating Mindfulness and Compassion in Professional Practice, which is accredited by the Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body.

Applying all the skills she’s acquired in the world of education Bernie has devised a comprehensive Mindfulness for Life Tool Box.

Her aspiration is to take this transformative, fresh new approach to delivering mindfulness to organisations, individuals and schools in order to alleviate the negative effects of stress and improve emotional health and well-being.



Do you want to hear more?

To find out more about us and how we can support you and your team to be less stressed and more focused, click here to listen to Bernie being interviewed at the Yorkshire & Humber Women Leading in Education Launch Event:

Listen to Bernie Leonard’s interview on SoundCloud

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