Empowering programmes for the Education Sector


Are your staff and students mentally prepared for the academic demands of the new qualifications?

Have you considered what the summer term would look like if you were able to provide staff and students with scientifically proven techniques to help them to learn more effectively, think more clearly, perform better, feel calmer, happier and less anxious?

Stress amongst teachers and students in the UK is at an all-time high and staff absenteeism, due to stress related illnesses, is costing the country billions of pounds every year. The result of this stress epidemic could be depriving our young people of the best possible start in life.

It’s not all doom and gloom though! The latest scientific research proves that practising mindfulness improves attention, reaction time, memory and creativity. It also develops stamina and resilience. Neuroscientists have shown that by practicing mindfulness for a period of just six-weeks can change your brain, leaving it healthier and able to protect you from toxic stress.

Mindfulness is a form of mental training, with regular practice you can build your mindfulness muscle, as you develop this muscle you become more aware and more focused in all aspects of your life.

Our bespoke Mindfulness and Compassion six-week programme (6 x 1hr sessions) is tailored to alleviate stress, reduce fatigue and increase overall well-being. It will teach participants to identify their causes of stress and permanently alter the way they handle potential stressful situations in the future. Mindfulness will enable participants to be reflective not reactive.

Mindfulness courses will equip your staff and students with the tools for life long well-being.

How our Mindfulness programmes can help you support your very own super heroes:

Course content Benefits to participants
Stepping out of autopilot Creates space to plan and prioritise.

Developing the ability to notice every detail, being in the present moment and not missing anything.

The effects of stress on the body By being aware of our mind and body we can notice the signs of stress/anxiety and deal with them better.

Mindfulness will strengthen your ability to regulate your emotions, which in turn will increase your emotional intelligence.

Developing your ability to focus your attention Practising mindfulness will enable your team to be less distracted, allowing them to make more effective decisions and fewer mistakes, as a result students will be better informed and attainment and progress will escalate.
Mindful Listening & Non-Violent Communication Staff and students will have healthier, more successful and effective relationships. Mindfulness will give both staff and students the skills and confidence to network both in and outside the organisation.
Mindful Movement Mindful Movement can improve your concentration and attention.

It improves fitness, attitude and mood.

Having the ability to improve the mood and attitude of young people is a must!

It gives you the opportunity to tune into sensations in your body and the better you get to know your body the sooner you will be able to act if anything is untoward – reducing absenteeism.

Thoughts are not facts Enables you to look at things from different perspectives, rather than jumping to conclusions.

“Neurons that fire together wire together”.

Enabling you to be reflective, not reactive. A skill for life for your young people.

Staff and students will be taught techniques that will alter their brain and improve their memory.

A finely tuned memory is vital for success in the new qualifications.

Self- Compassion Builds inner strength and resilience for the participant.

An increased compassion for others will reduce negativity and improve relationships across your organisation.

Mindful Living Mindfulness reduces anxiety, which boosts resilience and productivity.

The practice increases confidence, enabling participants to work on their own initiative, which can result in creating a more solution focused, happier team that you will retain. Students will exceed their targets and develop the confidence to apply for their chosen destinations.

Increased creativity will empower your team to engage every child.

Teachers who are at their peak mentally and physically will be in the best possible position to guide students and support them in achieving their full potential.

Education partners – schools, colleges and universities – key benefits include:

  • Improving academic performance and results
  • Equipping staff and students with the tools and techniques to reduce stress
  • Improving staff and student resilience
  • Getting the best out of students and improving confidence
  • Giving students a competitive advantage
  • A strategy to raise educational standards and support social mobility

Participants will leave the course with a Mindfulness for Life toolbox, which includes practical guidance and real-world examples of how to apply mindfulness to the demands of everyday life. They will learn a range of simple strategies that will actually enable them to rewire their brains, combat stress and reach their full potential.

We offer a bespoke six-week Mindfulness CPD programme, delivered in easy to digest one hour sessions. The course will be designed to meet the specific needs of your team, with regular practice it will take as little as six weeks for your team to feel the benefits.

The six week programme can also be adapted for NQTs, Middle and Senior Leaders, Parents and Governors, Post 16 students and targeted groups of borderline Y11s.

We are flexible and can offer; bite-size lunch time sessions, morning or afternoon sessions, after school or evening twilight sessions.

We are working in partnership with The Education Network to support you in funding our Empowering programmes for the Education Sector. If your school becomes a client of TEN they will be happy to cover all or part of the costs of our bespoke Mindfulness six- week programme. Follow the link below to find out more about how TEN can support you to support your fabulous team.

Be the best you’ve ever been in 2019

We offer a hassle free way of studying Mindfulness, as we can bring our services to you, our flexible delivery model aims to fit in with busy lifestyles or work schedules.
Mindful Me offers value for money, because we know the only moment you can actually live is right now and we want you to start living it!

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