Secondary Parachute Plus Mindfulness Programme

Empowering Mindfulness Programmes for Secondary Schools


Our bespoke Parachute Plus mindfulness programme for secondary schools is designed to benefit both staff and students.

It runs over six-weeks (6 x 1hr sessions) and is tailored to –

  • Alleviate stress
  • Reduce fatigue and improve sleep
  • Increase overall well-being

It will teach participants to identify their causes of stress and permanently alter the way they handle potential stressful situations in the future. Mindfulness will enable participants to be reflective not reactive.

The Parachute Plus package includes –

  • A short fun and engaging animated film
  • A series of easy to follow videos
  • A class set of books and downloadable, time-saving teaching and learning resources
  • Certificates – to reward participation and encourage continued practise.

Participants will leave the course with a Mindfulness for Life toolbox, which includes practical guidance and real-world examples of how to apply mindfulness to the demands of everyday life.

They will learn a range of simple strategies that will actually enable them to rewire their brains, combat stress and reach their full potential.

Programme delivery –

Our programme provides well-being training for staff and students as a nominated teacher will receive online training to support the programme from our qualified mindfulness teacher.

Our Mindfulness courses will equip your staff and students with the tools for life long well-being.

The six week programme can also be adapted for NQTs, Middle and Senior Leaders, Parents and Governors, Post 16 students and targeted groups of borderline Y11s.



 View our full course outline here.

Teachers who are at their peak mentally and physically will be in the best possible position to guide students and support them in achieving their full potential. 

Education partners – secondary education – key benefits include: 

  • Improving academic performance and results
  • Equipping staff and students with the tools and techniques to reduce stress
  • Improving staff and student resilience
  • Getting the best out of students and improving confidence
  • Giving students a competitive advantage
  • A strategy to raise educational standards and support social mobility

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